Two all new haunts for 2013: LEGEND OF THE BAYOU and 3D FUN HOUSE OF FEAR

Night Fright Productions is at it again! We are hard at work on two all new haunts for 2013 getting ready to scare you big time!

Legend of the Bayou will take you deep into the swamps on the outskirts of New Orleans where the Cajun tale was born of the creature called the Rougarou. Part man, part beast, with glowing red eyes it transforms during the full moon and all those who look into it’s menacing red eyes are doomed to live the curse themselves. But perhaps the voodoo queen can help protect you if you can make it to her swamp shack without getting eaten by crocodiles. There’s fear and treachery around every corner as you make your way through this highly detailed and realistic haunt!


3D Fun House of Fear is an all new experience never before offered by Night Fright Productions. Creepy clowns, misdirection and confusion will keep you on your toes as you make your way through this 3D experience. Reality becomes warped and distorted and nothing is exactly as it seems.


Both haunts will run from 7 to 10 pm every Friday and Saturday night in October plus Halloween night.

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