October 2016: The Curse of the Mayan Tomb

His name is Balem Yakte. His spirit haunts these ruins, deep in the rain forest. He is the legendary founder of an ancient Mayan city mysteriously abandoned over 1000 years ago. For 400 years Balem Yakte’s dynasty of holy lords ruled the kingdom through hallucinogenic visions, ritual warfare, and human sacrifice. If the legend of Balem Yakte is true, then scientists believe he must be buried here within this massive temple pyramid, now a vine strangled ruin. Deep inside, archaeologist Dr. James Callahan has been digging into the crumbling pyramid, searching for the bones of the ancient King. After years of excavating, tunneling, and avoiding traps laid by those long dead, Dr. Callahan has uncovered a hidden chamber. His sacrifice to get this far has been great for many of his team did not survive and those who did are certain the tomb is cursed. In the depths of this sacred monument, he has discovered a disintegrating skeleton. Are these the remains of Balem Yakte? Is there really a curse on this place? Dr. Callahan needs your help to find out.mayan-tomb-amall

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Behind The Scenes Tour

Thursday October 22nd and Thursday the 29th Night Fright Productions is offering a special Behind The Scenes lights on guided tour. You can view the detail in the sets and see how we create the monsters, tour the costume and make up department, and have the opportunity to ask questions, all without the scares. This tour is perfect for those who don’t want to get scared but enjoy Halloween or those interested to see what happens behind the scenes. Tours run from 7:00 to 9:00 pm and cost is $8.00 per person.

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October 2015: Grave Robbers of Deadfall Cemetery

Grave Robber graphic bigger copy

Grave robbers have been disturbing the tombs and graves in the old Deadfall Cemetery and detectives have been unable to catch them thus far. It has gotten so bad that now the spirits of the dead inhabitants of the Cemetery have begun taking matters into their own hands. Unhappy that their final resting place has been disturbed they are rising up and doing all they can to frighten away anyone who enters the cemetery at night. It has gotten so bad that now the Detectives refuse to go in to investigate further. Brave souls are needed to help catch these villainous body snatchers.

But be warned, something sinister is lurking and you may not live to tell your tale. Who ever, or what ever, is roaming the area and looking for a “fresh corpse” may not distinguish between the dead and the living … Dare you walk alone in Deadfall cemetery on All Hallows Eve?

Open every Friday and Saturday in October,  7:00-10:00 pm.

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Coming October 2014: THE HUNTED with Zombie Paintball


This seems like any ordinary military outpost on the outside, but in all actuality it is Americas biggest bio-engineering medical testing center. The latest test’s involved a steroid like drug designed to produce a superhuman species, the perfect soldier. Early trials on animals were so successful that human trials were begun. Mostly done on the prisoners that were kept here at the compound. The human trials went well until some long term side effects began to appear in the animals and are now showing in the humans. The drug was stopped immediately but the effects seem irreversible. The subjects begin to show memory loss and end up with nearly complete mental shut down except for the primal instincts . . . hunt and attack. Instead of creating a perfect soldier, they created the perfect monster. Uncontrollable and more deadly than anything ever known to man. They have taken to calling them “Dead Heads” because they no longer have any resemblance to the person they once were. Even worse, any contact with their saliva or blood results in a spread of the condition. They have taken over the compound, all except the lab of a top level scientist, Dr. Payne.


Dr. Payne has been working on finding an antidote for the past 3 weeks and has recently had a major breakthrough. His lab is across the compound in a wooded area with high security, restricted to all but his team of scientists. A radio message has come in from Dr. Payne requesting immediate evacuation of his lab, saying he had found the antidote, but because of the rapid deterioration of the test subjects into “Dead Heads” he had to barricade himself within his lab. Our mission is to extract the doctor and the antidote. He has reminded us that this is effecting not just humans, but animals as well and our one advantage is that the “Dead Heads” cannot see well in the dark. Therefore the rescue will be attempted at night. They are expert hunters, they can smell you and they can hear you, but if you are quiet, stay down wind and in the shadows, you have a chance. You will need to be cautious and alert at all times. If you are to fall behind there will be no coming back for you, the “Dead Heads” move too quickly and we can’t be focusing on anything else but retrieving the antidote.

Unfortunately all of the ammo that was on this side of the compound has been exhausted so all that is left is inside Dr. Payne’s lab, which makes your mission even more dangerous because you will not have weapons until you reach the lab. The “Dead Heads” do not have firearms but may have found other items to use as weapons such as hammers, crowbars and pipes. Are you brave enough for this mission? Come experience “The Hunted” and find out.


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Two all new haunts for 2013: LEGEND OF THE BAYOU and 3D FUN HOUSE OF FEAR

Night Fright Productions is at it again! We are hard at work on two all new haunts for 2013 getting ready to scare you big time!

Legend of the Bayou will take you deep into the swamps on the outskirts of New Orleans where the Cajun tale was born of the creature called the Rougarou. Part man, part beast, with glowing red eyes it transforms during the full moon and all those who look into it’s menacing red eyes are doomed to live the curse themselves. But perhaps the voodoo queen can help protect you if you can make it to her swamp shack without getting eaten by crocodiles. There’s fear and treachery around every corner as you make your way through this highly detailed and realistic haunt!


3D Fun House of Fear is an all new experience never before offered by Night Fright Productions. Creepy clowns, misdirection and confusion will keep you on your toes as you make your way through this 3D experience. Reality becomes warped and distorted and nothing is exactly as it seems.


Both haunts will run from 7 to 10 pm every Friday and Saturday night in October plus Halloween night.

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Discount tickets now available through LHS & LMS Band members

Both the La Grande High School and La Grande Middle School bands are now selling discounted tickets for Ghosts of the Titanic. These are First-Class Tickets that will sell for $15.00 at the door and you can buy them from a band member for $12.00 in advance. A portion of each ticket sold will go to support the band. These tickets are good for October 5-6 & 12-13. You can still use them on other dates but will not receive the discount. If you don’t know a band member but would like to purchase discount tickets you can contact Chris Leavitt the band director at 541-786-8242.

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Haunted House Auditions Saturday, Sept. 22nd

If you would like to be a spook in the Night Fright Productions Ghosts of the TITANIC this is your chance! We will be holding actor autitions on Saturday, September 22nd at 11:00 am at the Maridell Center. Please bring your schedule so you can let us know what days you will be available to work.

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